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RETO 3D Classic Camera

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The analog RETO3D Classic camera simultaneously creates 3 photos, which can then be combined to form a 3D photo.

Scope of delivery: RETO3D camera, manual, camera tape, packaging.

Not included: 1x AA battery for flash and a 35mm film

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RETO 3D Classic Camera

Buy the RETO3D Classic (Price 119,99€)

The shipment is from Germany with a German warranty of 2 years (If you order from the Hong Kong dealer it is only 90 days) you also have a 14-day right of return. You will receive a German invoice. You do not have to pay customs.

Highlights Reto 3d camera:

  • 35 mm film for the retro look
  • Built-in flash for taking pictures in dark environments
  • Reusable, just insert a new film.
  • No need to focus.
  • Light and compact – easy to take with you anywhere.
  • Easy to use
  • Free app to put the pictures together

Technical data Reto 3d camera

  • Film format: 35 mm
  • Film transport: manual
  • Lens: Fixed, 3 pieces each 30 mm F11
  • Focus: minimum distance 1 m, infinite sharpness
  • Shutter: Fixed, 1 / 125s
  • Flash: Built in
  • Power supply: 2x AA battery (not included)
  • Main Material: ABS
  • Dimensions: 133 x 65 x 42 mm (WHD)
  • Weight: approx. 180g without film and battery

Build of the Reto3d camera

The analog 3D camera has 3 lenses with a focal length of 30 mm each with an aperture of 11. A built-in flash provides the necessary light in dark surroundings. (AA battery and film not included!) With a weight of 178g and dimensions of 133 x 65 x 42 mm, the camera is super light and compact.

The function of the Reto3d classic camera

The camera simultaneously records 3 half pictures on a 35 mm film. After you have developed and digitized the film, you can load the digital images into the free RETO3D app. There the three pictures will be put together to your unique 3d wiggle picture.


3D wiggle effects (Mura Masa effect) with the Reto 3d camera

By taking 3 pictures at the same time, moving objects can be frozen in the air. For example, imagine a photo of an athlete jumping or a ball being kicked in the air. The ball or athlete is now magically frozen in the air. We recommend using it at moments when a lot is happening. For example at parties or concerts. Compared to a camera with only one lens, the Reto 3d camera creates much more vivid images.

All pictures are from the official RETO3D site.

Watch this Unboxing Video of the RETO 3D we have made:

Alternative to Nishika n8000 and Nimslo 3D Camera

Old cameras like the Nishika n8000 and Nimslo 3D camera produce effects similar to the Reto 3D camera. The problem with the cameras mentioned is that they are only sold second-hand. So it can happen that the camera no longer works properly.

You buy the Reto3d camera from us with a German guarantee (2 years). The only notable difference is that the Nishika and Nimslo cameras have 4 lenses. The Reto 3d camera, on the other hand, only has 3 lenses. Compare the results from the cameras and you will notice that the 3 lenses still create an epic 3D effect.
The Reto 3D camera is a good alternative to the Nishika n8000 and Nimslo 3D camera.

Video Reto 3d Kamera:

FAQ Reto 3d Kamera:

Reto 3D is an analog camera, so you need 35 mm film to take photos.

Every 35 mm film is compatible. On sunny days you can use a film with ISO100-200 and on cloudy days or indoors you can use a film with ISO 400-800. Remember to use the flash too!

To use the flash, you need to insert two AA batteries into the camera. Turn on the flash and wait until the light turns red, only then will the flash work.

If you take a picture, 3 half-size pictures are taken. So a photo consumes 1.5 frames of your film. A 36 film creates 24 3D images and a 24 film creates 18 3D photos.

The Reto 3D camera is an analog camera. So you have to have the film developed first and then you have to digitalize your photo.


You can hand in the film roll to any photo development studio. Tell your “developer” to always scan half a photo.


You cannot adjust the focus of the camera. But make sure that the object that should be in focus is at least one meter away.

The photos will be underexposed if you don’t use the flash in dark surroundings.

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