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Didn’t find a specific follow focus gear? Here you will find it:

Custom Follow Focus Gear

44,99 incl. 19% vat. (VAT Free availiable at checkout)

Custom Follow Focus Gears for every lens!
We produce perfect fitting, high quality 3D printed Follow Focus Gears for you.
No matter if you’d like to measure on your own or if you want to send in
or drop off your lens at our office in Munich.

Please check the complete manual and video below.
The whole process takes 2 – 8 working days.

Price of 1 Custom Follow Focus Gear: 44,99 €
Price of 3-5 Gears, per Gear:                 39,99 €
Price from 5 or more Gears, per Gear: 34,99 €
Discount applies automatically at checkout.

If you want to order more than one custom gear, fill out the formula,
put the order in the basket, and then repeat this process.

Make sure to watch the video below first before you fill out this formula:

If you plan to measure the lens on your own, please fill out the following fields:

Buy more – save more

Price 1 – 2 Follow Focus Gear 34,99€ each

Price 3 – 4 Follow Focus Gear 29,99€ each

Price 5 + Follow Focus Gears 24,99€ each

Discount applies automaticly.

Payment services:

We ship with:


Custom Follow Focus Gear

How to measure your lens for ordering a custom Follow Focus Gear and learn about our grub screw system:

Measure your lens for ordering a custom Follow Focus Gear:

If you don’t want to send it your lens, here is a manual how you can measure the lens by your self:
You have to measure the perimeter of the focus ring from your lens. You can do this by using a caliper or flexible measuring tape. We recommend the measuring tape.  If you don’t have one at home – just download this measuring paper:

Measurement for Custom Follow Focus Gear
(Make shure to print it in 100%size!):

If you are measuring the diameter, you just have to multiply it with 3.16 to get the perimeter.

1. Measure the perimeter of your focus ring of the lens

To find out the required inner perimeter of the gear, lay the measuring tape around the focusring of your lens and pull it tightly together. In this example the perimeter of the lens ist 246 mm.

2. Choose the width of your Custom Follow Focus Gear

The width of our gears is usually 10mm, which is enough for the common follow focus systems. Some lenses have a smaller focus ring. Make sure that the width of the gear is slightly smaller than the width of your focus ring of the lens.

3. Choose the thickness of your Custom Follow Focus Gear

The last specification for the custom follow focus gear is the thickness of the gear. The thickness is the difference from the inside diameter to the outside diameter of the Follow Focus Ring. We usually produce our gears with a thickness of 8mm which is perfect for a good ring stiffness.

4. Our grub screw option for a perfect fit

A diameter of 0,1mm more or less will affect if the following focus gears fit well on your lens or not. That’s why our custom follows focus gears comes with 2 grub screws. In this way, we can guarantee that the gear will fit perfectly. But no worry as you can see in the video the screw whole won’t affect the focusing.

If you still rather want custom gear without a grub screw you can select this at your own risk. If the gear is too tight then you may sand it down or if it’s too wide you can use some tape between the focus gear and lens.

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Even if your ring is not yet listed in our online shop, you can simply measure your lens yourself and then order the right ring. Free of charge!