Colorful Pyramid Prism

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Colorful Pyramid Prism with 1/4″ thread for mounting it to your camera. Create unique in camera effects for your photos and videos.  In stock and ships within one working day from Germany. Our products have 100% positive reviews. For any questions just chat with us on the chat form in the left down corner.
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Amazing in-camera effects using the Colorful Pyramid Prism

This colorful Pyramid Prism creates unique, colorful in-camera effects.  Thanks to its amazing refraction it creates beautiful color overlay in camera. Each slightly move of the prism creates an other color.

Sample pictures using the Colorful Pyramid Prism

Colorful Pyramid Prism for amazing pictures

 Thanks to it 1/4″ thread the Colorful Pyramid Prism can be mounted to a handle, this makes it much easier to handle the effect. If you wouldn’t use the handle the effects would be disturbed by your hand holding the prism. First focus your object then hold the prism attached to the handle in front of your lens. Try around and move the prism and start shooting pictures. We recommend to use a long focal length for a good effect. On super 35mm sensor for example we love to work with Sigma 50-100 F1.8 lens. Improve your portrait, wedding, corporate or holiday pictures using the Triangle Prism.
The Colorful Pyramid Prism can be hold in front of the camera for photography or video with the optional handle.

Improve your videos with the Colorful Pyramid Prism

You can mount the Colorful Pyramid Prism directly to your camera thank to the 1/4″ screw at the prism. Every camera do have a 1/4″ screw hole on the downside of the camera, use this screw whole to attache a magic arm then mount the prism on the other side of arm. Position the prism in front of the lens until you find a great effect. Then tighten the magic arm. You also can use a handle and move the prism in front of the lens during the shot. This prism is great for music videos, wedding films, corporate movies and much more.
The Colorful Pyramid Prism can be attached to any camera using the optional magicarm.

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