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How to attach a better-focus

Follow Focus Gear

The better-focus Follow Focus Gears do not need any additional sanding, heating screwing or glue in order to be propperly installed.

Just place your lens facing downside on a table and than pull on the Follow Focus Gear onto the focus ring of you lens. Than slightly press the ring down from all sides. Thats it!


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Got a piece of tape together with your Follow Focus gear?

Attach a better-focus Follow Focus Gear for lenses with smaller focus ring than Zoom

Usually our follow focus gears fits well out of the box. But some lenses have a smaller focus ring than zoom ring, which makes it impossible to get the ring over this zoom ring. But don’t worry, If you have one of those funny lenses – you will get a stripe of tape together with your follow focus gear. To attach the gear you first have to lay the tape around the focus ring of the lens. Next just pull the follow focus gear down and place it on top of the tape. Now your follow focus gear is ready to use!

If you need any help just contact us.