Help us producing new Follow Focus Gears

We are always interested in expanding our variety of Follow Focus Gears for other lenses. 

You can help us by sending in your lens or providing the lensdata and figure out which size fits the best. 

Send in or measure myself?

You can send in your lens to us in Munich, Germany and we will produce perfect fitting Follow Focus Gears. We recommend this service, because it will guarantee perfect fitting Gears after the first try.

You also measure the lens yourself by the following manual. You then will get different sized testgears.

1. Measure your lens

To find out the required inner perimeter of the gear, lay the measuring tape around the focusring of your lens and pull it tightly together. In this example the perimeter of the lens ist 246 mm.

You can measure you focus ring of the leny  by using a caliper or flexible measuring tape. We recommand the measuring tape.  If you don’t have one at home – just download this measuring paper:

(Make shure to print it in 100%size!):

> Measurement for Custom Follow Focus Gear <<

If you are measuring the diameter, you just have to multiply it with 3.16 to get the perimeter. You now can type in your data into the order formular.

Video manual for measuring your lens:

2. Pull on the testrings, sent by us.

After receving our testrings, simply checkout which one fits the best. Then fill out this formular: SUBMIT GEAR SIZE